About ASKV Refugee Support

ASKV Refugee Support is an Amsterdam-based organisation, providing legal assistance and social support (including shelter) to undocumented refugees. At present, ASKV is one the last remaining organisations of it’s kind in Amsterdam, and every year hundreds of undocumented people make use of our daily walk-in legal and social advice clinics. ASKV has particular expertise in providing housing and guidance to refugees with psychiatric disorders. In addition to direct assistance, ASKV is a vocal advocate for refugee rights, both locally and nationally. We organise Dutch language training for our clients, as well as regular awareness campaigns and discussion events for the broader public.

Much of our work is volunteer-based, allowing ASKV to conduct all its work on a slim annual budget of approximately €850,000 (our financials can be found here). Most of our funding comes from Dutch charities, the municipality of Amsterdam and individual donations. In addition to our ongoing legal, social and housing support, we also assist asylum seekers who experience psychiatric difficulties, offer Dutch language courses, and provide support to LGBT refugees.

Are you looking for help?

Are you a refugee and in need of assistance? Do you live in or around Amsterdam and have you unsuccesfully claimed asylum in the Netherlands?

ASKV provides legal and social advice from Monday to Thursday, between 10am and 12 noon. Please bring as much supporting documents as you can. Also, please be aware that we have only limited space available in our housing – and as such we can by no means guarantee shelter for all our visitors.

  • Our address is as follows: Frederik Hendrikstraat 111-c, 1052 HN, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • You can also reach us by telephone: +31 (0)20 627 2408