About ASKV Refugee Support

ASKV Refugee Support is an Amsterdam-based organization that provides legal assistance and social support to rejected refugees in the Netherlands. Undocumented refugees are often caught in an impossible position: being unable to return to their country of origin, but at the same time lacking access to social security, education and employment in the Netherlands. This group often ends up in the margins of society, vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Over the past thirty years, ASKV has supported undocumented refugees by providing shelter, legal and social assistance, daytime activities, and vocational training. ASKV has particular expertise in providing housing, social support, and counselling to undocumented refugees with psychiatric conditions. ASKV also organizes Dutch language training, courses focused on entrepreneurial skills, and future orientation seminars to increase knowledge, competence, and confidence so that undocumented refugees can have the best possible chances of making a life for themselves in the Netherlands. For every person who walks into the ASKV office, we aim to work towards personal solutions that are viable, sustainable, and robust.

In addition to direct assistance, ASKV is a vocal advocate for refugee rights, both locally and nationally. ASKV engages in direct policy advocacy, as well as organising debates with policy makers for the general public. ASKV also engages in awareness campaigns to bring these issues into the public debate. Our multifaceted approach to assistance and support for undocumented refugees aims to end their precarious and marginalized existence and enables people to work on their own future in a durable, dignified way.

Are you looking for help?

Are you a refugee and in need of assistance? Do you live in or around Amsterdam and have you unsuccesfully claimed asylum in the Netherlands?

  • Our address is as follows: Chris Lebeaustraat 4, 1062 DC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • You can also reach us by telephone: +31 (0)20 627 2408