1 augustus 2022

De Statelessness Index, van het European Network on Statelessness (ENS), staat online. De index beoordeelt hoe Europese landen omgaan met mensen die staatloos zijn en wat ze doen om staatloosheid te voorkomen en te verminderen. Sinds 2017 evalueert ASKV met ENS hoe Nederland mensen die staatloos zijn behandelt. Vorige week is de landeninformatie van alle 30 Europese landen die momenteel onderdeel uitmaken van de index geüpdatet voor 2021, waaronder die van Nederland: 

“On 1 January 2021 the Central Statistics Bureau reported 36,267 people who were ‘stateless/nationality unknown’ in the Netherlands, down from 45,947 the year before. The reasons for this decrease are unclear. 

There were no major legal or policy reforms in 2021, but the long-discussed legal reforms on statelessness were finally adopted by the Dutch Parliament in May 2022, after many years of concerted advocacy on the part of ENS members and wider civil society in the Netherlands. The 2022 Index update will reflect these changes (available from January 2023). There has also been growing concern over the use of deprivation of nationality as a national security measure in the Netherlands, including through successive legislative amendments that have expanded these powers. 

The Netherlands received four recommendations from the CERD Committee in 2021 on naturalisation, discrimination, and deprivation of nationality. It also received five recommendations from the CRC in 2021 on the prevention of statelessness among children and the right to a nationality.” 

Lees meer over staatloosheid in Nederland op onze pagina over staatloosheid en lees in onze recente publicatie de verhalen van staatlozen en staatloze gezinnen in Nederland.  

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